To be an industry leader in the provision of mobile technology solutions for security management

Quality is a never ending goal for companies. GoMobile continually strives to ensure the best quality for our clients in the most cost effective manner


Safe guarding our clients’ premises is our core purpose. We take strong measures to identify and check visitors or strangers entering these premises. Our guards have been trained to deal appropriately with all different security situations to ensure safety of our clients, their premises, their guests and our own guards


Clients are our most valuable assets. We work hard to ensure our client relationships remains strong and positive. We will be both proactive and reactive to our clients’ needs.


People deliver our services. We recruit and maintain a large pool of trained and experienced staff. We believe in treating our employees equally and look to invest in ongoing training to maintain and upgrade skills. This enables us to provide our clients with high caliber security officers, managers and support personnel. We encourage our staff and look to motivate them to excel and go one step further.


Direction – GO

    G– Growth:

  • Growing our Customer Base – Building rewarding long-term relationships

  • Growing our staff – Developing our competencies

  • Growing our Company – Developing a culture of productivity, innovation and people-centeredness

  • Growing our Expertise – Constantly being involved in the industry and defining the use of mobile technology in the security landscape

    O– Organizational Clarity:

  • Clear Business Model – Leveraging on mobile technology solutions to deliver effective and reliable security solutions

  • Clear Cost Structures – Keeping costs low and pricing structures simple

Operations – MOBILE

    M – Management:

  • Managing Company Image and Reputation

  • Managing Clients Expectations

  • Managing Staff Relationships

    O– Optimality:

  • Optimum resource allocation

  • Optimum security and safety

    B– Betterment

  • Better Man Management

  • Better Training security and safety

  • Better Solutions


  • Innovating new Systems

  • Innovating new Methods

  • Innovating new Solutions


  • Loyal Customers – Turning Clients into Partners

  • Loyal Staff – Turning Employees into Family


  • Ethical Management Practices

  • Ethical Security Practices

  • Ethical HR Practices

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